Gainesville Swing Dancing

Gainesville has a nice little dance scene going on, and Swing dancing is a healthy contributor.

We run weekly Swing classes that concentrate on improving our skills. The sessions focus on communication between partners and sound fundamentals. We use the Partnership Dance System™ for a consistent method of signaling our partner and teaching communication.

The sessions are two hours on Sunday nights from 7 to 9 pm. We go over a concept and then play music to practise. We repeat this process throughout the session, so everyone gets in about twenty dances in the two hours. Getting in twenty dances a week is a big help to improving your Swing dancing, especially because the dances are structured to help you work on a particular skill.

No partner is needed and we are gender neutral, so you can dance either role. We rotate partners throughout, though if you came with your spouse and you do not want to rotate, that is all right too.

Classes are for all skill levels. We cover a lot of ideas in each class. Each person works on what they are ready for at the time.

Other Swing Dancing in Gainesville

There are a few places you can do Swing dancing in Gainesville:

Gainesville Dance Scene

You can go out and do some kind of dancing every night. While we do not have the biggest dance scene, we do have some advantages.

In Gainesville things are close together. My longest drive is 7 minutes, 9 if there is traffic. Dance sessions are inexpensive and often free.

We have a fairly large variety, including: Ballroom, Clogging, Contra, English Country, International Folk, Irish, Israeli, Salsa, Samba, Scottish, Swing, Tango, Waltz and Zydeco.

Contact us to get on our email list and get updated with dance happenings. See for Gaineville's dance calendar.

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