Swing and Social Partner Dance Classes

We run ongoing Swing and social partner dance classes at the novice, beginner and intermediate levels. The classes are designed to help you improve your fundamental skills in dancing with a partner. All classes focus on communication and connection with your partner.

You can join any class at any time. Each person is at a different place. Everyone gets out of each class, whatever they are ready for. Wherever you are is the best place to start.

No partner and no experienced needed. Come with a good attitude, do not worry and enjoy the journey.

Following are some series of classes we have run.

Super Simple Swing and Social Partner Dancing

A series of four classes starting all the way at the beginning with simply stepping in place. This class is a great starting point for novice dancers and shows people how they can dance to any type of music.

Introduction to Swing Dancing

A series of four classes to introduce you to Swing dancing. These classes show you the basics of Swing dancing, covering the 6-count and 8-count Swing basic patterns.

This class moves much faster than the Super Simple Swing class.

Swing 8-Count Specialty Series

Four classes on the 8-count turn for all styles of Swing. This class covers many variations of the 8-count turn with a variety of choreography. Mastering the 8-count turn opens up a whole new world to your Swing dancing.

This class concentrates on perfecting your basic technique so you can execute the 8-count turn with precision.

West Coast Swing Basics

Four classes on the fundamentals of West Coast Swing. West Coast Swing is a stylized variation of Swing dancing, to slower music, in which the woman stays in a slot and moves forward and back throughout the dance.

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