Session 2 - Super Simple Swing and Social Partner Dance Class

1. Balance - posture, walk with partner
2. Balance - timing, count with music
3. Balance - step touches and turns by oneself
4. Balance - turn with partner

0. Musicality - Count in fours all day

1. Step Step - Opposite feet for Ones and Twos
1.1. March in place, with music
1.2. Breaks, forward, side, back, step touch, repeat other leg
1.3. Walk forward three touch, walk back
1.4. Step side three touch, in front and behind, both legs
1.5. Turns
1.6. Step touches four
1.7. Music = Sho Enough

2. Balance - Point is Ones be clear, Twos wait
2.1. Posture - Eyes at eye level, head level
     Ears, shoulders, hips ankles
2.2 Wall exercise, forward and back
2.3. Exercise try to step on toes, closed position,
       close together, facing, walk forward
2.4. With slow music = Lullaby

3. Review Balance and Connection - Closed position basics 
3.0. Review step in place, breaks in closed position V, facing
3.1. Shift weight side to side, facing
3.2. Step touches, facing
3.3. Side walks, cross in front, cross behind, facing
3.4. Forward three touch, back, facing and V
3.5. Turn together, facing and V
3.6. With music = Making Whoopee

4. Arm Turns
4.1. Connection - no thumbs, no hanging on
4.1.1. Disco turn one quarter, one half, fist on top of hand
4.1.2. Change places with under arm turn, fist on hand
4.1.3. Repeat both with normal hand connection, no thumbs
4.2. Closed position, under arm turn
4.2. Open position, 
4.5. Other hand signals, push away, free turn, shoulder blade

5. Connection Dance Practice with Music
5.1. Open position
5.2. Lady's hand out palm down
5.3. Men use a fist on top
5.4. Review step step in place, breaks, walks, turns
5.5. With music